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Website Design

We build websites that engage visitors, communicate clearly, navigate easily and most importantly, elicit action for clients in Richmond or halfway across the globe. Best of all, every website we design is built using Joomla Content Management System which allows for complete control of all content, pages and navigation on your entire site from a secure web-based administrative interface.

Our Joomla based websites allow our clients to have complete control of their website once the development phase is complete. Additionally, the system is based on open standards and the architecture was developed so that custom modules and development work that may be specific to a particular client's needs can be seamlessly integrated into the same back-end interface. The user interface was designed to be so simple and intuitive to use that anyone in any organization can use it with little to no training. To learn more about the Joaomla Content Management Systems, click here.


Limitless Web Development

If you can dream it, we can build it. We have the technical capability to develop just about anything through a web browser. Whether you're looking for a simple website or a complex database driven web application, we can help you achieve the results you're looking for.
No Project Too Small or Too Large.

No matter what size or scope your project is or whether you're in Richmond or anywhere else in the world, we have a solution that's right for you. Here are just some of the types of things we develop:

simple, basic websites
online product catalogs and databases
e-commerce / e-store solutions
e-marketing / e-campaigns
customer feedback, surveys and polling
knowledge base & FAQ systems
search engine optimization
online advertising and lead generation
multimedia integration and development

No Complicated Technical Jargon

When suggesting solutions to our clients or presenting a proposal, we never talk in technical jargon. We communicate the same way we build our sites - with simplicity and common sense. After all, you're looking for a solution and approach that is straightforward and does what you want it to do. Most of our clients don't want to know the technical details of how it's done, nor do they care. They want solutions that work, are secure and have rock solid reliability. That's what we build. If you are, by chance, a technical detail junky, don't worry. We can always provide you with every last technical detail about the work we do.

Additionally, because we offer a lot of capabilities other than web development, we aren't inclined to oversell you on features and inflated solutions that you probably don't need like other companies that only develop websites. We're looking at the big picture, developing a web solution that fits into your overall marketing and business goals, and doing so with economy and simplicity foremost.

Content Management System

Our Content Management Systems gives our customers complete control over every aspect of their site's content in an extremely easy to use, intuitive web-based administrative interface. It's easy, but it's also very robust and powerful. And yes, we use the exact same Content Management System to manage and update content on this site.

Built For Ease Of Use And Power At The Same Time

No matter how much we tried to imagine what every customer would want in a Content Management System, we realized that customers will always have special custom requirements. So we build our Content Management Systems with an open framework to seamlessly integrate custom modules that we develop for clients along with the standard modules already designed into Joomla in the same easy to use administrative interface. It's truly the best of both worlds.

Here are just a few of the key features of our Content Management System:

Allows for completely customized web page designs
No standard templates to limit the design of the pages
Every design is unique and individually integrated to work with the Content Management System
Flash elements can be integrated into the front end, and can even be controlled and modified through the Content Management System
Complete control of menus navigation
Drop-down style menu navigation is completely controlled through the Content Management System
Multiple levels of drop-down menus can be created instantly
Pages and navigation can be updated and rearranged on the fly
Complete control over page content
Specify browser title, menu titles, browser URL paths
WYSIWYG style page editor for easy updating of page content
CSS based text styles so your fonts, colors, titles, links, etc. will stay consistent site-wide
Upload, organize and insert images and other digital assets from the File Library
Create tables for more complex layouts
Allows for complete HTML editing and control for those who prefer to edit code
Standard modules
FAQ's / Knowledge-base
Product Manager
Case Studies
Online Form Requests
many more...
Custom Modules
Any custom modules we create or any standard modules can be modified and seamlessly integrated into the same easy to use administrative interface
User Administration
Allow other users to login to the Content Management System and have access to certain sections of the Content Management System that you specify

The powerful and extensible Flash platform allows for just about any type of interactivity, multimedia integration and motion graphics to be integrated through a web page. It can also be used to facilitate a complete standalone application for use online or on the desktop. We are experts in flash development. Whether you require animation, video, multimedia or application development, we have the knowledge and talent to develop Flash based solutions that will impress.


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