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Zoning Due Diligence is a critical component of the real estate development process.  It plays a prominent role in understanding property value and development potential.  It also provides needed assurances or protections to Lenders, banks, financiers, insurers and buyers.

Zoning regulations are complex and they frequently change.  This along with the complexity of the framework in which local zoning information is housed or decisions are made can make due diligence efforts time consuming and frustrating for even the most savvy owner, developer or related service professional.

We make the process easy.  Our past experience, local knowledge, and contacts with City and County staff ensure the most timely due diligence efforts possible.  We make it our business to stay on top of complex and changing regulations.  We scrutinize the findings of local officials and we know what questions to ask to ensure the accuracy of zoning determinations.

Customized Property Reports

BDR prepares property reports by performing zoning background research, assembling applicable existing local documents or approvals, and requesting any needed confirmations.  This might include: applicable zoning regulations, certificates of occupancy, certificates of zoning compliance, past special approvals and any proffers/ordinances/conditions, building permits, POD's/site plans, CAR certificates of appropriateness, etc.  But we don't just assemble existing information.  We evaluate your needs and respond with guidance that is specific to your request. Where compliance issues are found we can recommend a course of action.  Should a special approval be needed, we give guidance on how to pursue the approval and the time frame associated with it.  BDR also provides assistance, including project management for special approvals such as special use permits, rezonings and Board of Zoning Appeals actions.




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